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Legacy Gymnastics isn't just about cartwheels, it also helps children in every aspect of life including problem solving skills, resilience, grit, and goal setting. Our coaches are there to mentor your child through challenges they may come across during their journey in this sport. Our mission is to develop young leaders in the community by empowering your child with tools on how to overcome and use challenges to their advantage.


Gymnastics also teaches fundamental movement for every other sports and is quite powerful when combined with other sports such as dance, netball and swimming. You will see massive improvement on skills in both sports when done together.

Our "Rec Gym" class is a progressive program suited for children aged 5-12yrs ensuring they have steady learning and growth. At the end of each term we honour your child's achievements with a celebration.

To book, you will need to send us an email to our friendly team with yours and your child's details and the class you wish to book 

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