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Children need as many opportunities as possible to optimise brain development and increase physical potential before they go to school. Our programs provides a safe environment for children to develop physical skills in a fun and playful way, AND at their own rate.

Educational research tells us that children learn best through exploring and discovering their abilities through physical activity. Ensuring they can experience a wide range of movement activities and be encouraged to think, create, construct and solve problems with their own bodies. Our programs assist in your child's physical, social and cognitive development, as well as co-ordination and self-esteem.

Fundamental movements or also referred to as physical literacy, are the building blocks that need to be developed to master more complex movements and day to day activities. 


Kinder Tots (1.5-3yo) is movement-based learning experience for young children and their caregivers.

Incorporating games and play into our program ensures your child stays engaged and is learning without them even knowing!

Kinder Rec (4-5yo) is the transition class between our Kinder Tots and Rec Gym program. Here, parents are encouraged to step back from assisting their child during class time for more independent learning


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