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Welcome to Legacy Gymnastics

Legacy Gymnastics (formerly Gymnastics 21) is built from a life long passion of gymnastics, with a focus on igniting the fire within children.


Our enthusiastic coaches are dedicated to helping children find their inner strength, develop a growth mindset and to learn resilience and leadership skills to help them navigate their journey in life. Gymnastics is our vehicle for this.

Legacy Gymnastics is more than just a gymnastics program. Our club creates future leaders, resilient kids, and mentor them through mental hurdles, with their mental state being their primary focus.

Our award winning programs have tailor made pathways to suit every child’s ability.


Your child will be inspired to believe there are no limits to their becoming.


Coaches will mentor your child with the intention of empowering them with life skills to navigate their own emotional and physical growth.


Your child will be celebrated for every single victory during your child’s journey to support and encourage a growth mindset.

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