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We have a dream!

This dream started in Sam’s head four years ago. It was only a dream but Sam was determined to make it a reality. Working the hardest she ever has in her life, learning from her mistakes, going to countless courses, investing ALL her funds in the business and dealing with all the emotions you get with this roller coaster ride!

The first year we opened we only had 22 kids with only two classes a week at Thornton. Two years of determination later, we have over 200 gymnasts rolling, cartwheeling and flipping across our mats at 3 different locations - Thornton, Rutherford and Salt Ash 6 days a week! (this is not including the schools and birthday parties) We have won 4 business awards and welcomed 5 new staff to the G21 team and so much more! This growth is phenomenal!

The next part of our journey is!............... *drum roll* .........TO GET A BASE! That’s right, a fully set up gymnastics facility! If only there was a gymnastics fairy who could flick her wand and magically create a base for us, that would be awesome! Reality is, Sam and the team are working hard to get more funds for this dream. We have so much love for the sport and passion to help the next generation become stronger, confident and resilient human beings. After all, our future is in their hands.

We have purchased some equipment ready to move in with but we need some more funds to accomplish this goal. This dream is so big we can’t do it on our own - WE NEED YOUR HELP! So what better way to celebrate the ‘fete of Gymnastics 21’ (pun intended :P) by hosting our very own fete! It’s fun, makes the kids happy and helps us to achieve our dreams of spreading our passion and teaching more families in the community! And giving your children a bigger Gym to practise in is just a bonus :P Let’s make this happen!

‘We LOVE what we do, i am blessed to have found coaches who are just as passionate as i am! Our mission is to instil a positive outlook to life and teach children ‘more than just gymnastics!’ With life skills incorporated into every program. We would like to thank you for joining us on this journey and putting your trust in us. Hold on tight because exciting things are happening!’

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