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Gymnastics, Yoga, Mindset


Collaborating and bringing together three passionate women who share the same values. To empower the next generation to have a strong sense of self and have the tools to overcome adversity and daily challenges. 

With so many distractions in the world; school, technology, after school activities as well as weekend crazies. It's no wonder our children are over stimulated and are losing connection to themselves. 

We have created this program to teach children how to deal with the daily overload and to reconnect to their true self. 

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Iridologist and Reiki Healer


Sheryl has a passion to empower people through education about health inside out! She will educate your child on the power of visualisation which helps them believe that whatever they can imagine, they can create! It's all about changing perspective so you can tackle/overcome whatever obstacle that's in your way. Find out more about Sheryl and her amazing work here


Owner of Gymnastics 21


She is passionate about teaching children resilience through gymnastics and learning how an ‘I can’ attitude can change your execution of your skills – whatever you believe, is right. She will also give your child specific body movement challenges so they learn how to communicate in a positive and encouraging way to one another to get the job done effectively. 




Ohna is a connected and grounded person who takes time to listen to the body and gives it what it needs for that time. She will be teaching her Yoga practices she has learnt from all over the world, including India! She will teach your child how to re-align with themselves through the importance of breath and listening to your body.  Mind focus in movement – observations of the mind. Learning to tap into the intelligence of our own internal wisdom through asana and breath. 


The first session 9-12pm

🤸‍♀️ GYMNASTICS (Sam)- changing emotions through physiology. Focusing on personal achievements and setting an 'I can' attitude.

🧠 MINDSET (Sheryl) - visualisation exercises, individual goal setting and creating their very own goal vision board to take home.
🧘‍♀️YOGA (Ohna) - Yang style yoga, Learning body awareness through Asana yoga. Self acceptance, experiencing their inner stability and foundations through movement.


*hour break - BYO lunch*


Second session 1-4pm

 🤸‍♀️ GYMNASTICS (Sam) - learning is ok to ‘lean’ on people for support through partner balances and using positive language with their team to work together to compose a floor routine.

🧠 MINDSET (Sheryl) -  filling up their tool box with tools to become emotionally ‘unstuck’. Learning about opposite emotions and how to create balance. Creating an emotional energy vision board to take home.

🧘‍♀️ YOGA (Ohna) - Yin style yoga, hatha yoga asana. Honouring alignment with yourself, breathing through movement - a meditation in action.



$30.90 for one session (Half day 9am -12pm or 1-4pm)
$52.53 for 2 sessions (All day 9am - 4pm)

*BYO lunch for whole day
Suitable for ages 5-12yo


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