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KINDER GYM (1.5y - 4y)

KinderGym is movement-based learning experience for young children and their caregivers.

Children need as many opportunities as possible to optimise brain development and increase physical potential before they go to school. KinderGym provides a safe environment for children to develop physical skills in a fun and playful way, at their own rate. Educational research tells us that children learn best through exploring and discovering their abilities through physical activity. Ensuring they can experience a wide range of movement activities and be encouraged to think, create, construct and solve problems with their own bodies. KinderGym programs assist in your child's physical, social and cognitive development, as well as co-ordination and self-esteem.

Fundamental movements or also referred to as physical literacy, are the building blocks that need to be developed to master more complex movements and day to day activities. The best time to start developing a child's fundamental movement skills is from ages 3-5yrs. Our Kinder Gym program is catered for 1.5 - 4yrs. 

Term Fee and annual registration fee with Gymanstics Australia

Gymnastics is the foundation of all  sports. Our recreational program is suited for children aged 5-12yrs. Run during school terms, each 1 hour program helps develop your child's confidence, social skills and gymnastics skills. Gymnastics helps children in every aspect of life including problem solving skills, work ethic, sportsmanship and goal setting.


There is a progressive pathway for each child to progress through. Starting on their 'G' Badge working through to their 'T' badge (spelling the word 'GYMNAST'). At the end of each term the participants are awarded with a certificate for their achievements and a badge that corresponds to the level achieved. Once they have completed all badge levels they are eligible to go into our Team Gym program

​TeamGym combines parts of tumbling, mini tramp, and dance to create an exciting team competition event. TeamGym is huge in Europe, with strong teams of teenagers and young adults putting their skills and teamwork against other teams. Gymnastics 21 TeamGym program has been developed for teams of gymnasts aged 13+ or by invitation, with performances on 3 different apparatus.
- Floor
- Tumbling
- Vaulting / Mini trampoline 

The program is split into following divisions:
- Novice
- Intermediate 
- Advanced 

Gymnastics 21 provides mobile private lessons to studios and individuals who are looking to further progress in their skill development. 

A student evaluation is done on the first initial lesson where a personalised progression booklet will be developed to help you reach your goals. Gymnastics 21 provides quality lessons to ensure the growth of the students ability in a way that they can quickly get to their goal in a safe and fun environment.

Half hour Private Lesson

Single half hour session: $41.20

5 pack is $185.40

10 pack is $360.50


Hour Private Lessons

Single Hour session: $61.80

5 pack is $288.40

10 pack is $556.20

10 pack is $540

Gymnastics 21 provides schools with one of the most successful recreational programs in the Hunter region! We incorporate different styles of gymnastics in the one program giving the students a variety of fun and providing them with a healthy active outlook on life. Gymnastics 21 are also on the Sporting Schools list to allow your school to have a greater chance to have this program delivered to you. For more details Contact Samantha.

Get the competitive advantage for your studio and get your dancers tumbling with Gymnastics 21 workshops. All workshops are run by Samantha, the owner, who is a highly experienced and qualified gymnastics instructor (click here to see short bio below). She also has a dance background in Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary and performed at Disney California in 2007. She will teach your students the tricks of the gymnastics trade and give them safe and correct learning techniques that will advance their skill abilities.

Gymnastics 21 brings equipment to your studio and develops a tailor made program to help reach your goals. We can cater for children and adults with 1-2 hour classes depending on your needs. There are three packages to choose from- Bronze, Silver or Gold.

Bronze package is a 1 hour workshop focusing on strength and flexibility catered to help develop acro skills.

Silver package is a 1 hour basic gymnastics workshop catered for students who are learning the basic acro skills such as handstands, cartwheels, rolls etc.

Gold package is a 2 hour workshop focusing on the more advanced gymnastics skills.

Minimum of 5 participants for each session with a maximum of 15. 

Click here to Download your info pack.

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